The Towelkini summer outfit has come to solve all your sandy struggles while at the beach as it’s a part towel and part swimsuit, but people have mixed reaction about the design.

While at the beach, there’s nothing worse than getting out of the sea and dripping wet, just to pick up your only towel and get sand all over yourself and anyone in the vicinity. But thanks to the Towelkini. It has a Dragon’s Den-inspired solution for you.

Summer is coming! It’s time to pull out your long-stored swimsuit from your closet or buy a new outfit.

For you have a perfect summer experience, you must carry some of the necessary items to the beach.  They include a towel, a swimsuit, refreshing drinks, sunscreen or sometimes a t-shirt.

But this year you don’t need to include both the towel and swimsuit when preparing for your summer. You only need the Towelkini, and it has come to save space on your beach bag.

This warm-weather accessory was designed by Ara MacManus, a conceptual designer based in New York, and the outfit was launched in July 2018.

The Towelkini product description reads:

“Towelkini by Aria McManus melds the two essentials for all things beach, no need to carry a cumbersome towel and an easy to lose swimsuit – here they come as one, materialized as ideal.”

With a Towelkini, you can lay down by the pool, beach or wherever, and have the comfort of a towel under your head.

The outfit will leave your legs exposed to the sun, making it hot-weather-friendly.

However, keep in mind that the outfit is backless, meaning that the butt area is open. So, you’ll need to wear some kind of bottoms.

It’d appear that it’s more practical to wear the outfit as a post-swim cover-up, as MacManus demonstrates on her Instagram. But would you? That for you to decide.

The Towelkini costs $199 (£156.45) on Special Special website, and you can choose from a variety of colors including hot pink and bright yellow.

Once the out was released, people have been having mixed reaction concerning the garment. Some seem delighted by this summer idea while others are confused by its impracticality.

Putting parodies and skepticism aside, MacManus shared a post on Instagram to convince the critics that despite their criticisms, the garment has sold out in online stores.

MacManus also posted a photo of sunbathers wearing the outfit as a cover-up alongside some headlines with dubious reviews.

But the Towelkini does look super comfy.