The model dubbed ‘Human Barbie’ shock fans after sharing her rare ‘makeup free’ pics.

Valeria Lukyanova surprised the world when the first photos showing her uncanny resemblance to the famous doll emerged.

With a platinum blonde hair, large glassy eyes, long legs, flawless makeup, tiny waist and large bust, she was disturbingly similar to the iconic Barbie.

To maintain her doll-like look, Valeria spends an hour and a half on her makeup and hair daily.

She said:

“It’s motivating. If you do not make yourself up, you can spend the whole day lying in bed doing nothing.”

“It is best to do your makeup, look chic and get more power to deal with vigorous activities throughout the day.”

Even though she puts so much time and effort into looking like a plastic doll, she doesn’t like it when people her compared to Barbie.

She said:

“I don’t think I look like a Barbie. I think I just look like a classy girl.”

But recently, the Ukrainian model has shared pics that – she claims – shows her real face without makeup. Check out the stunning pics.



Her real face is a huge surprise to her fans, who’re used to seeing her with bright makeup in almost every picture.

And to some fans, ‘she’s even more beautiful’ without makeups.

Speaking to a news outlet, she said:

“I truly don’t understand people who are ashamed to be without any makeup on. And there are quite a lot of people who can’t accept themselves this way. It is so shocking.”

She added:

“Sometimes, I can have very bright makeup for weeks. And then I decide against it completely for a while even though my eyes look twice as small this way.”




Valeria says that people with ‘perfect’ facial features ‘like hers’ look great even without makeup.

Without the heavy layers of makeups, the blond looks a lot more natural. She’s also able to show off her pretty features without exaggerating them.



Though Valeria looks a lot more authentic, her small figure may be a cause for concern, considering she recently converted to Breatharianism.

In Breatharianism, followers don’t eat or drink and believe they can exist solely on air and ‘cosmic micro-food’ instead of actual food.



While the model claimed she has only undergone plastic surgery for breast implants, several experts believe she’s had more work done than that.

But Valeria refuted these claims and insists her appearance is due to diet and exercise.

She previously said:

“I’ve only done my boobs and have always been skinny.”

“The only difference is that now I am more fit. That’s the only difference.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s against going under the knife though.