Getting arrested is not an enviable pastime. But judging from these hilarious mugshots, some people take it to the next level. These felons have a mixture of extreme makeup, tattoos, outfits and hilarious hairdos.

You would think it would cause anxiety and stress. But these criminals have taking it as a chance to stand out with the selfie opportunity of a lifetime.

Following are the best of the best mug shots from around the internet.

The Lobal Phenomenon

The Joker. Clearly finding the opportunity to promote himself for any possible upcoming roles.

Batman. He knew The Joker would be in town.

The Wichita Tribe from Ace Ventura is missing its village idiot.

This looks like Laurent from Twilights, Mother.

Why bother with multiple dreds when you have two giant ones?

Maybe he needs to use that hydrogen peroxide to whiten his teeth too.

This guy has a close eye on the situation.. from every angle.

Its Urban legend. Dirt Face.

Maybe its Maybelline, maybe it’s Methamphetamine.

This guy is about to eye-roll into another dimension.

I can’t even imagine what this guy was getting arrested for…

I cant imagine the amount of Tequila this man drank to do this!

The human bullet.

If this shot does not put you off drugs, nothing will.

Straight outta Caveman.

Shine bright like a diamond.

The Brute 33 dude.

Arrested for crimes against hair.

Not ending up on the end of a mug shot is pretty simple. Don’t do drugs, obey the law and stay in school!