Bavaria Filmstadt is the German version of Universal Studios holding a vault of treasures from the NeverEnding Story. 

The movie was a cult classic about a boy who needs a friend finds a world that needs a hero in a land beyond imagination!

While hiding from bullies in his school’s attic, a young boy discovers the extraordinary land of Fantasia, through a magical book called The Neverending Story. The book tells the tale of Atreyu, a young warrior who, with the help of a luck dragon named Falkor, must save Fantasia from the destruction of The Nothing.

It all began in 1919 with the first film studio in Southern Germany, which today is a modern moving image campus. You can take a look behind the scenes of the successful film.


The Neverending Story was shot in Germany except for a few scenes which were shot in Vancouver, Canada. Apparently, it was the most expensive German film ever made until then.

Gluckuks Snail

The tourist attraction is in Mucich, Germany. It has all your favourites. The attraction is very similar to Universal Studios in the US. You can ride Falkor or the snail and see all the stuff used in the film.


A number of famous films have been filmed at the studio, most notably for American audiences, Das Boot and The NeverEnding Story. From Das Boot there is a scale exterior of the titular submarine, and some interior sets to explore, but it is the NeverEnding Storystuff that really stands out.


One of the original Falcor models is here, and you can ride it (although it looks a bit shaggier than you may remember)! Brave the Southern Oracle (or at least the scale models)! Take a selfie with the Rock Biter! At the Bavaria Filmstadt, the story never did end!

The Oracles

If you find yourself in Munich, Germany, you may want to check this out.