Art is the ultimate expression of creativity and the best way to explore the meaning of life. It’s meant to challenge our beliefs, our prejudices, our thinking while transporting us to a limited world beyond our reflections.

Throughout the globe, there are professional and creative artists who produce unbelievable creations. And among all forms of art, sculptures are the most unique.

This is because this form of art is a perfect unit that lets the artists play tricks with people’s attentions while messing with their idea of logic.

And here is a collection of sculptures that plays with people’s way of thinking. From unbelievable feats of balance on a grand scale to plainly head-scratching magic, the list has it all.

Making sculptures is among the hardest and time-consuming artwork. They require dedication, patient, creativity and a high level of talent.

But no matter the difficulties involved when creating these artworks, the end result can be dazzling, such that it might not only bring fame to the artist but also add value to the form of art.

This assortment of sculptures challenges the laws of gravity and physics, and surely, they will give you something to question the law of nature and leave you outstared.

It’s really bothering to think of how these sculptures were made. But if you were an expert in science subjects while in school, you might figure out the logic behind their creation.

When I looked at some of these sculptures at a glance, I began doubting they even exist, until I took a closer look.

I appreciate artworks that trigger my mind to think. But these sculptures have made me questioning reality itself. On one hand, they’re all incredibly beautiful works of art, and on the other hand, they’re all impossible and shouldn’t exist.

Do they belong in a museum or on campus? You be the judge of that.

These sculptures will play tricks with your eyes, but we can assure you they are all 100 percent real and they do exist. Perhaps you should plan your next getaway to visit all these incredible works of art.

Human being’s creativity is just amazing, and no other proof you need other than these sculptures.

All these artworks are simply a combination of art and science, and the images will extend your scope of thinking.

Scroll down to check out these sculptures and get ready to be tricked by these stunning and gravity-defying creations.