We can’t run, we can’t hide, we can only panic. The holiday season is here and the Lakes Distillery have something special to help relieve the stress that is about to rain down on us all.

These booze-filled Christmas ornaments could be just the thing to take off the edge. Made by Lakes Distillery in England, these glass Christmas baubles are filled with your choice of whiskey, gin or vodka and are sure to take your holiday party to the next level, they will also make excellent Christmas gifts. One costs just under £20 (about $26), or you could purchase a pack for £35 pounds (about $46).

The gift set of six features three of the distillery’s signature gins. The Lakes Gin (43.7% Alcohol By Volume), The Lakes Sloe Gin (25% ABV) and The Lakes Damson Gin (25% ABV)— all in clear ball-shaped bottles ready to hang on your tree. Or chug. Or both! The minimalistic aesthetic will bring the chic and giggles to your Christmas tree.

If you’re much more of a whiskey drinker, the distillery also sells a set of boozy balls filled with fine-aged, 40% ABV British Blended whiskey.

Another option for the crafty people – you could DIY a boozy Christmas tree ornament. They’re really not that complicated. Buy a good bottle of whatever you like, set in some glass baubles and attach a festive ribbon. Tune into your Marta Steward self and you will instantly be on Santa’s good list.

Regardless of how you pull it off, a little nip around the tree this year is sure to have you laughing all the way to Santa’s slay.