Although we might not be keen enough to realize it, in each and every moment that passes, there is a growth in our bodies. We get older every minute, every hour and every day.

One of the best ways to understand this is when you notice a friend you met just a few months ago has suddenly changed. They will not look young as they used to, and you might wonder whether they are ailing or something.

But the truth is, your friends are doing fine. It’s just that they are growing older, and you’re going through similar changes too though you may not see or feel it unless you compare your looks after a couple of months or years.

The same changes that happen to humans also befall to dogs, although we don’t always document their growth at different stages of their lives.

Most of us will get our dogs when they are just little puppies. They then quickly become beloved members of our family, and we end up growing and getting old together. Too often, it seems like overnight.

But of course, dogs in particular age faster than us, and perhaps that’s why we’ve all had that sad feeling when we see a lively puppy seems to turn into a fully-grown, wise old dog suddenly.

And just like humans, some pooches tend to age better than others. Some seem not to change at all while others grow grey whiskers barely, and others look like fuzzy ungroomed chia pets.

But we still love them. That’s what counts!

Amanda Jones is a talented photographer, and she does an incredible job with her camera. In her recent project, she aims to showcase how the lives of our beloved pets change over a short time.

When you first met your puppy, perhaps he was a fluffy and cuddly pooch everyone craved to touch. But now, he has possibly changed a lot.

Although you might be living together with your dog and spending most of the time together, it’s not easy to notice all the changes. But the fact remains, even without realizing it, your beloved pooch is aging.

They don’t posse a long-lifetime like us, and knowing this will help you to take care of them better.

These photos show you the changes in puppies’ lives. But no matter how things change, we can always take comfort knowing that, however old they get, the love and joy we get from them never diminishes.