Meet the queen of embroidery painting — she crafts incredible landscapes using needs and threads to create colorful, intricate landscapes!

Over the years, we’ve seen many artists creatively pushing the limits of embroidery. Some adopt the traditional craft method to render simple linework while others use needles and threads to create expressive brushstroke artworks and painterly blends of color.

And one artist to have perfected the hybrid artistry of embroidery painting is Vera Shimunia, a Russia based artist. Her embroidery designs include pieces of landscape art, which have been expertly stitched with colorful threads.

Using different stitches, Shimunia manages to capture the vibrant beauty of nature vividly. With vibrant blues, whimsical pinks and deep purples, each piece transports you to a world Shimunia has created, and which is inspired by nature and music.

French knot buds and Lazy daisy flowers fill embroidered meadows, and the colors of fields, mountains and seascapes blend together like oil on canvas.

One of the most striking aspects of Shimunia’s embroidery is her colorful skies. Whether it’s streams of sun rays or swirls of clouds, she crafts her sky scenes with vivid colors and rich textures.

But the intricate detailing depending on the difficulty, and she can take between three days to a month to complete a piece.

She told the Bored Panda:

“I am thinking about future embroidery, I am preparing the necessary materials. Sometimes the picture in my head does not coincide with what I made, then I cut off treads and try again.”

The talented creator is entirely self-taught, and just like many artists, she was inspired by ‘love.’

She said:

“I just decided to try. And when I made my first embroidered piece, the boy I liked (he has great taste and he is in art community) wrote to me: ‘you did this?? So cool’ and I decided to continue.”

It took Shimunia about half a year to bring her vision to the public. She revealed:

“I started to publish my embroidery experiments on Instagram, and people start to write me, ‘can I buy it?’ And I thought – why not.”

While most of her embroidered landscape scenes are palm-sized, she also creates smaller pieces that aren’t much bigger than your fingertip.

Some of Shimunia’s latest works even merge textile art with photography to create spectacular surreal landscapes that are part photo-landscape, part embroidery-sky.

Scroll down below to check out her breathtaking creations.