Even if you’ve been to over a hundred wedding celebrations, I bet you’ve never seen anything like this before. This legendary bride carried a bouquet of donuts down the aisle.

Carrying a bouquet of flowers is among the most all-times honored bride’s traditions at a wedding. But most brides are choosing to break the custom, starting their own ideas.

For Her Wedding Day, the bride Decided to Ditch the Bouquet and Opted for Something a Little More Tasty than Traditional

A lovely display of flowers didn’t suit the needs of one bride, named Paige Kirk, from Sydney, Australia. Instead, along with her bridesmaids, she decided to go for a unique and tasty option: a bouquet of donuts.

Who Needs One of These Traditional Bouquets When You Have Donuts?

When you look at the bouquet Paige was carrying, you could have thought, “what a gorgeous white flower bouquet!”

But when you take a closer look, you’ll realize the bouquet is an assortment of donuts, as well as donuts holes.
The donuts were decorated with white icing to correspond with the bride’s dress.

Her bridesmaids had their own bouquets too.

Paige Ordered Her Bouquet from Australian-based Bakery

The bride and her husband, Steven, explained that a donuts bouquet would be a fun twist on the wedding traditions. Paige ordered the bouquet from Dessert Boxes, an Australian dessert company.

This’s the first time Dessert Boxes bouquets to be used at a wedding.

And Wedding Guests Were Thrilled

The guest at Paige and Steven’s wedding loved the ingenuity, though some of them couldn’t believe the uniqueness of the event.

But for Paige and her husband, it was an example of how much they like living an unconventional life. They’re free-spirited and don’t want to conform to the expectations of the society.

Would You Go Non-Traditional for Your Wedding?

Even if you do something ‘traditional’ like getting married, you’re still allowed to have fun.

Having a donuts bouquet might seem a bizarre thing that shouldn’t be done at solemn occasions, like a wedding, but 
Paige has shown us that having a sense of humor about everything is really important.

She had a wedding nobody’s ever going to forget.