A must-see $2.25M underground home in Texas is crazy with color and is private and self-sustaining.

A colorful house in Buffalo, Texas, is gaining internet attention for its unique design.

The entirely underground home has 3,000 square feet of living space with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

While it has no natural light, the bright decor — including gigantic wall murals — and vaulted ceilings make up for it.

Currently costing over $2.2M, the house was built in 1999. Its owner, Glenn Young, wanted both privacy and security.

Listing agent, Terri Alexander, told TODAY:

“(The owner) is an extremely private person and wanted something private and secure. (The area) has storms and tornadoes, and he wanted to build something that would last.”

Though the Monolithic Institute had recommended against constructing dome homes underground, Glenn built it anyway.

Alexander explained:

“He [built] it anyway. And 20 years [later], he’s had to really put no maintenance in this house. It’s [still] solid as a rock.”

Finding the entrance to the underground lair is the tricky part, though.

According to Alexander:

“You enter through a front door that comes off of the pond that looks like a hobbit hole.”

“It’s a normal-size door, but the rest of the property makes it [appear] dwarfed. So it looks like a hobbit-hole entrance.”

This ‘hobbit-hole,’ which is a circular entryway that opens into a long hallway, ends in a small lobby area.

The home then opens up into a dining, kitchen and entertainment area.

More tunnels lead to other rooms in the house.

As for that paint, every room has a different theme, with clouds on the ceilings and elaborate murals.

There’s a room with an Acapulco beach theme, an Egyptian room, a Space room, a Mayan room and an ocean room.

The bathrooms resemble some kind of ancient temples.

And according to Alexander, the colorful furnishings could be passed along to future buyers.

However, if you’re not a fan of the bright motifs, you can always redecorate.

With the help of air circulators, the temperature in the rooms hovers at a comfortable 72 degrees. So the need for air conditioning and heating is rare.

There are also some above-ground structures on the property, including a garage and two workshops.

The workshops cover more than 7,500 square feet, and one has three rooms and a full bathroom.

A garage provides additional above-ground space.

There’s also a pond with a deck on the property, which is great for a swim!