Freak out your neighbors and your cat by getting this replica mask of your feline friend’s head.

We love our pets so much that we even buy cool, or sometimes strange, things for them. From clothing, toys, to artisanal food that cost more than we’re willing to spend on ourselves.

And every now and then, we want to make our cats feel loved by celebrating them with something special.

You Can Get Some Professional Photos Done of Your Cat.

People like having photos of their close and beloved friends. And cats being one of our adorable pets, you can capture professional pictures of them, or even hire an artist to paint a portrait of them.

The next level of craziness many people are doing is getting a giant stuffed animal that looks like our pets.

But There’s a New Level of Madness Popping Up in Town

Modeling workshop 91 has teamed up with creative planning office Shindo Rinka to offer animal lovers a chance to get custom-made mask replicas of their adorable pet’s head.

The ultra-realistic, and kind of creepy, masks are designed to be worn like a head of a costume on human’s head.

The Mask is Called the “My Family”

These masks are likely to symbolize the bond every animal lover must have with their pets. I bet most cats are freaking out when they first set eyes on this giant workmanship.

The Product is Mildly Creepy

There are tons of arguments, claiming that animals are somehow better than people. And even if you believe that to be true, you’ll have to admit that these enormous, human-head size replicas of pet faces are absolutely terrifying.

The Front of the Mask is Solid, But the Back is Just Fabric

If you were thinking about getting one of these cat replicas, you first need to know that the front of the mask is hard, but it’s made of fabric in the back.

So, you can’t use “My Family” mask as a helmet, in case you were intending to hit the highway in your bike or ride around with it.

In a press release, you can also check out an example of a finished mask replica of Rui, a Bengal cat who lives in Kyoto.

The Company Doesn’t Only Specialize in Pet Masks

Also, the concept isn’t limited to cat masks. You can have a gorilla mask, but not pet. Or a rhino mask.

But the cat masks seem to be the most famous example. This confirms my suspicion that ‘cat people’ might be a bit too much attached to their stereo-typically stand-offish pets.

The Company Make Even More Creeper Masks of Demons

Whether you’re looking to get an animal mask or a demon replica, or other creepy concept molds, the company will design anything you want.

The replica will cost ¥300,000, which is approximately $2,700.

As of now, the only means to purchase one of these masks is through an online contact form on the Shindo Rinka website. Fill out payment information and check the box that reads “My Family.”

Once your order is accepted, the craftsmen sculpt a mold and apply some fake fur. They then add patterns and colors of your pet to create a fully personalized mask.