When our kids do something unique for the first time, we consider it an important milestone. We’ll cherish and capture that moment to ensure we never forget it.

Kids’ drawings are often some of the most precious keepsakes for every parent. Children can accumulate these doodles into piles that are inconvenient to store.

Luckily, you can now turn your kid’s drawings into unique pieces of wearable jewelry, thanks to this Turkey-based company.

This company understands how parents cherish their children first drawings, and how they’d do anything to ensure they keep these artworks forever.

If you were to transform those creative drawings from your kids into jewelry, would you do it?

Many parents would be more than willing to make this happen, and the good news is that you can too. Tasarim Takarim Studio allows you to turn your kids’ drawings into timeless jewels.

The company was founded by Özgür Karavit, in partnership with Yasemin Erdin, with a goal of not only making great keepsakes but also provide a unique type of aid for the kids.

Karavit is a talented sculptor and goldsmith who focuses on creating small metal jewelry, while Tasarım Takarım is a boutique atelier.

The company’s website description reads:

“We believe that children’s art is the most important building block of the creativity, and appreciation of the children’s’ drawing is the best way to support them.”

“We are applying the kids drawing to unique & precious jewelry every day with more love and joy. Because we know the happiness and pride of the kids and the families.”

According to the company, they transform kid’s artwork into necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, brooches, and tabletop sculptures. Just send them a photo of the drawing and specify the piece of jewelry you’d like.

The company explains:

“Keep a moment forever.”

“Tasarim Takarim turns kid’s drawing into precious jewelries and a single moment of a childhood becomes timeless… engraved and hand-cut sterling silver brooch.”

“To support the drawings of children, which is the premium building stone of the children’s creativity, the best way is to love, respect and give proper value to the drawings of them.”

“From that perspective, at TasarimTakarim, by turning the children art to jewelry, we aimed to show the children that their art is so precious and unique.”

The two business partners are also crafting these unique pieces in their Istanbul studio.

Here are just a few examples of their beautiful items.