Kids have wild imaginations, and they often bring them to life through art. But kids can easily get carried away and create a lot of artworks, and you might wonder where to put them now that there is no more space on your fridge.

But thanks to one great company, there is now a solution, and it’s quite brilliant actually. You can keep your kid’s artwork forever by turning the drawings into beautiful jewelry.

1. A little footprint. Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim
2. A funky cat. Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim

The company is based on Turkey, and it was created by two guys with a background in lithography, silk-screening and etching. They use these skills to operate their jewelry business on a regular basis.

Even as we speak, several artworks have been turned into incredible pieces of jewelry. Some of these jewelry pieces include a small footprint, which has been turned into a necklace. This is a heart-warming possession for any parent who would like to reminisce on how tiny their baby once was.

3. The people a child loves most. Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim
4. Self-portrait. Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim

The company can also work with more complex designs. For instance, even the juvenile cat drawings with the odd whiskers can be turned into fantastic jewelry that will remind you of both your innocent child and a beloved family pet.

That drawing your child made of your family, with everyone looking like a hilarious stick figure can also be turned into an intriguing jewelry piece that you would like to hold on to forever.

It is also quite brilliant having your child’s self-portrait turned into a necklace that puts a smile on your face every time you see it.

5. Watch out, kids! This is what happens when you eat too many sweets. Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim
6. Rapunzel in stick figure form. Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim

Your child’s drawing of favorite animals and objects should also make some great jewelry pieces for the family. So that butterfly drawing your kid really adored can be turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry you can always carry around with you.

Other ideas the company can work with include artworks based on the pop culture icons kids truly love. So, if your kid cannot make enough drawings of the Cinderella, then it might be time you had their beautiful drawing immortalized as a jewelry piece.

7. It doesn’t matter how simplistic the drawing is, this company can make jewelry out of it. Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim
8. What a hooting marvelous owl! Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim

So, don’t let anything hold you back, even the simplest drawing can be worked into magnificent jewelry pieces. This company knows how to render these artworks and make them the beautiful and magnificent art pieces you and your child think they are.

Imagine that simple and charming drawing of a bird your child made, it could become an artistic and stylish piece of jewelry you could own forever.

9. Who’d have thought this drawing could get made into such a beautiful necklace? Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim
10. Is it a clown or something else entirely? Credit: Instagram / @tasarimtakarim

The good thing about this company is that they can even make drawings that don’t seem like they could work into magnificent pieces of jewelry. So, whatever your kid’s drawing is, you can trust this company to turn it into a piece of jewelry you can be proud of for many years.

Even the most hilarious artworks can be made into equally fascinating jewelry pieces.

So, the next time you stumble across a drawing your child has made and are really into it, get in touch with this company and they will have it turned into a piece of jewelry you will truly love.