Forget swimming with dolphins, you can now bathe within a whisker of lions and tigers, thanks to a boutique new lodge in Kent, England.

Lion Lodge, a Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve in Kent, is giving its guests a life-time opportunity to sleep and cook while a pride of lions prowling just a few inches away.

This luxury five-star lodge also comes with a soaking bathtub that makes you look like a steamy snack right beside hungry wild predators, separated only by a pane of glass.

You can pick rooms close to these wild animals, which include tigers, lions, wolves and bears. And the Lion’s Lodge is the most impressive.

This lodge, which is the first of its kind, has huge windows in both open plan living area and the master bedroom, allowing you to watch the day-to-day routine and movements of lions and tigers throughout your stay in the hotel.

Most of the hotel’s high-class digs are equipped with huge open fireplaces, wood-heated Scandinavian outdoor baths, secluded platforms and entertainment systems. The lodge also features two single beds for kids, a bespoke bar, a six-foot show-stopping chandelier and a private terrace.

Dining fare includes a wood-heated pizza joint and an upscale Babydoll restaurant, named after a late, most beloved gorilla on the reserve.

This unique travel getaway also hosts education courses as well as spectacular tours for kids and adults. With additional charges, visitors can shadow a zookeeper for the whole day, feed gorillas, or take an animal photography course.

Staying at the lodge also grants visitors exclusive access to the park after hours, both before the gates open in the morning and in the evening when most guests have left. You will also be supplied with a golf buggy to make your way around the park or even rent night vision binoculars to view the animals after dark.

Booking accommodation at Lion Lodge is not cheap though, and an overnight stay costs start from £1,750. This price includes breakfast, a bottle of bubbly on arrival, an entrance fee to Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve as well as Howletts Wild Animal Park and the complimentary safari.

But if the price is high for your budget, you can choose other lodges at a much lower cost. Some small cabins and rooms can be booked for as little as a few hundred dollars.

The Tiger Lodge costs £1,000 a night, the Wolf Lodge is £549, and the Bear Lodge costs £350. Premium lodges with prime panoramic views may go for over $2,200 per night. And If you book your stay before November 29, the hotel offers up to 50 percent off discount on selected visits until the end of this year.

Most of the profits from the accommodation at Port Lympne Reserve Hotel and Reserve go towards helping to save endangered and rare species in the UK and overseas.

Fancy these boutique lodges? Of course, you do!

Relaxing in a bathtub and sleeping next to lions and tigers is more impressive than swimming with dolphins. And visiting this safari lodge should be on your bucket list of the must things to do before you die.