Everyone dreams of becoming successful. So, we all try to make the best out of our business and careers. Sometimes we even spend a ridiculous number of hours working to achieve the success we’ve always desired.

But that Wasn’t the Case with Rich East, He Did Quite the Opposite

Rich East resigned his job and sold all his belongings to travel with his cat. The best part of his travels is that he was accompanied by his cute black cat, named Willow. This is something we don’t see or read in everyday stories.

Rich was working in a stressful job for around 10 years and kept daydreaming about leaving it to travel the world.

So, one day, he slowly started selling all his belongings, including his house, until all he was left with was his adorable cat.

Rich said:

“I sold my house, all of my possessions, and quit my job so I could take the trip of a lifetime. But one thing I couldn’t say goodbye of was this little cat, so the obvious decision was to take her with me.”

Rich and Willow Travelled Around Australia for Two and a Half Years

After they left their hometown in Hobart, Tasmania, Rich, and Willow traveled together for over 50,000km across Australia.

They traveled in a campervan, and the whole journey took them two and a half year.

The two reached South Australia, visiting six states and two Australian territories. They even managed to sail to the Great Barrier Reef and camped on mountains in Bourketown, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

Rich said:

“We’ve achieved so much together and seen some amazing places. I can’t imagine being on this trip without her by my side.”

These Two Definitely Nailed It

Though many people considered Rich’s adventure peculiar, due to the accompaniment of the cat, Rich explained that the Willow didn’t complain throughout the journey.

She even had a collar tracker that helped Rich to locate her whenever she was exploring around their camp.

Describing their adventure, Rich said:

“We have well and truly settled into the traveling life and spend our days in forests and beaches just soaking it all in.”

“I’m so proud of Willow, she’s the cat that made my van a home and the whole of Australia her backyard. She’s the best travel buddy ever!”

He added that they almost made to their home town, but were far from ending their adventure. Not only did Rich and Willow felt happy and satisfied with their new life, but also adapted to their peculiar lifestyle.