Babies are always so cute, sometimes you just want to nibble their toes. Well, with this tortilla swaddle blanket, your kid will look even more deliciously adorable as the blanket will turn them into a burrito.

Uncommon Good created this hilariously purpose-built blanket “Tortilla Baby,” and I’m kind of considering having more little ones just to see it.

Everyone Is Talking About It

Most of us saw it on Tweeter after Katrina posted a photo of herself wrapped up in a giant tortilla. And in an instant, the product went viral, and many people got inspired to get one for themselves.

The Tortilla Blanket Was Originally Created by Zen Life Company

You can buy a giant tortilla blanker on Etsy, and it’s retailing at $46.49 (£38.38).

It’s 5-foot in length, and it will give you the comfy you’ve always desired in your sleep.

Good News, You Can Now Buy One for Your Baby

Uncommon Goods are also selling a tortilla inspired swaddling blanket, at $48.

The ‘Tortilla Baby’ description reads:

“From their sweet rosy cheeks to their delectable little toes, you know your baby looks good enough to eat, and now he or she can dress the part with this fiesta-worthy rendition of swaddling clothes.”

“Soft layers of stretchy cotton-polyester blend “tortilla” envelop your cutie, keeping them cuddled, secure, and looking deliciously adorable.”

“Since too much heat can cause baby (and his or her parents) to lose their cool, the breathable fabric blend ensures that the little one will stay at a comfortable mild temperature even through summer’s most scorching days.”

The blanket also comes with a matching hat to top off this tasty look.

The website adds:

“A matching hat provides the perfect topping. When it comes to standout baby gifts, this set is the whole enchilada.”

The Blanket is cut and sewn by hand in Brooklyn, New York.

There’s a Whole World of Food-inspired Baby Fashion

The inventor of ‘Tortilla Baby,’ Katharine Harlan Owens, runs a baby clothing company called Bon Vivant Baby in California.

Katharine sells a collection of food-inspired baby clothing and hats.

‘Tortilla Baby,’ made by Katharine, has gotten almost a perfect rating by reviewers on the Uncommon Goods site.

People who reviewed the blanket rated it “feeling true” to size and length, and one reviewer called it “super soft and adorable, “claiming “it looks just like a tortilla!”

Although each ‘Tortilla Blanket’ looks incredibly yummy, please don’t attempt to eat it. It’s not as tasty as it looks!