Thankfully, she is okay.

But it makes sense – spiders are scary little monsters! And the fear of spiders is very as real as it gets.

According to the photos posted by New York police, the car wreck was pretty bad.

The driver was worked into a panic by a spider she saw in her car. In the frenzy, she drove off the road and crashed into a stone barrier.

Although she is mostly fine, she injured her leg and did serious damage to her car.

The state of the eerie spider after the devastating crash remains a mystery.

If the police statement is anything to go by, there is nothing particularly unusual about this. They claimed that the spider is a contributing factor that crash reports don’t cover too often. This means that spiders have caused car crashes in the past.

And it’s true – in 2016, a similar accident happened in Oregon. The spider, in this case, was a little more dramatic, as it dropped from the rearview mirror, scaring the driver into causing a spectacular crash. Although the car was completely ruined, the driver got away with just a scratch on her hand.

The police advice that those who find themselves in a similar situation should “overcome the fear” then pull over, although they continued to add that they understood that this would be easier for some drivers than others. But they insist this was important as the driver’s life literally depended on this.

That is very true. For instance, the driver, in this case, could have crashed into pedestrians and other cars, causing far serious damage.

Like me, I’m guessing you are wondering what this little beast looked like. I have some ideas, based on my imaginations.

It is worth considering that Americans have it better than Australians as far as spider nightmares go. In the land down under the spiders are many times larger and scarier, and they like to hide in the most unlikely of places.

Tarantulas, according to the Australian Museum, often emerge from behind curtains to scare the hell out of people.

In Australia, spiders have caused quite a bit of car accidents as well.

For instance, when a huntsman spider fell onto a driver in Blaxland in 2017, a car crash that made four people end up in hospital ensued.

There are also two instances where drivers had to jump out of moving cars when spiders crawled towards them, causing the cars to roll into the water where they eventually sank. The drivers were fine though, but the spiders might not have fared as well.

But the lesson here is simple, when one of these creepy creatures crawls up on you, try to pull over first, before jumping out. Just be sure to put the car out of gear.

Good luck not dreaming of spiders tonight!