Ava Louise, the desperate-for-fame 22-year-old college student—who went viral for licking an airplane toilet seat in a “coronavirus challenge” video—has officially flushed her reputation even further into the septic tank.

The self-described “skinny legend” and an aspiring singer shared some crappy words in an interview with TV therapist Dr. Phil, according to Insider.

Specifically, she was so aggravated by Dr. Phil’s criticism of her bizarre TikTok viral video.

She told Dr. Phil:

“I was, like, really annoyed that corona was getting more publicity than me.”

“I just don’t think that this is as concerning as possibly as it could be, because I don’t have coronavirus. I don’t have any symptoms. No one I know has symptoms.”

 She added that because she went on spring break in Florida and she’s still healthy, the disease can’t be that serious.

Ava said she was so frustrated by Dr. Phil’s criticism of her video — which has since been taken down from TikTok — that she was tempted to cough on him.

I’ll pull up and I’ll cough on you,’ she told Dr. Phil, who then called her ‘spoiled and entitled.’

According to Vice, this incident wasn’t her first interview with the TV therapist. She appeared on his show twice in 2019.

In her previous appearance, last September, she revealed that she was putting on an act to gain more followers online.

In a recent YouTube video, she reiterated that the toilet-bowl licking was just for clout.

During the latest interview, Dr. Phil asked her:

 “If you infect one person that loses their life, is it worth it for you to have this attention?”

And she ignorantly replied:


She added that she thinks boomers are to blame for numerous societal ills.

She said:

“You know what’s ridiculously irresponsible and selfish is that your generation only cares about this virus because it affects you.”

“You’re blowing this pandemic to crazy proportions, instilling fear in the nation, because you feel like it affects boomers.”

Another boneheaded TikTok prankster named Larz— who also shared a video of him licking a toilet bowl for the same sewage-level challenge—said he was hospitalized for the coronavirus, according to New York Post.

The 21-year-old from Beverly Hills tweeted on an account, which has since been suspended:

“I tested positive for Coronavirus.”

But it’s not clear whether his bizarre licking challenge led to the infection.

The craze, which is mainly on TikTok,—spurs users to post videos of themselves licking everything from toilets to grocery store produce.