Researchers find new discoveries at Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair.

Researchers at the Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s military headquarters in the Masurian woods, Poland, have made several new discoveries.

When the Nazis first prepared for Operation Barbarossa, they built a covert military headquarters deep inside Poland’s Masurian woods.

They then nicknamed it ‘Wolf’s Lair,’ or Wolfsschanze.

Since its discovery after World War II, the Polish government has made plans to restructure it for historical exhibits.

However, recent work at the military complex has uncovered a collection of hidden Nazi artifacts.

Zenon Piotrowicz, the forest inspector of the Srokowo forest division, said:

“We were convinced that for decades the area had been extensively dug and thought that there would be no more discoveries left to find.”

According to reports, researchers recovered several armored doors, the stairs to Hitler’s barracks and the doors to protect against chemical attacks from two bunkers.

They also found Hitler’s Personal Bunker

Also, inside Hitler’s bunker, they found many smaller items, including the water fittings, boiler, pipes, taps, and sinks.

Another notable discovery is a stone engraved with the Fuehrer’s escort battalion and a painted flag.

These discoveries will help researchers to trace where significant events took place in the Lair. For instance, the 1944 Hitler assassination.

The new discoveries will also be kept for exhibitions at Wolf’s Lair, which is already a popular tourist site.

Zenon Piotrowicz said:

“The discovery allows us to determine what barracks [solders] lived in and how [they marked] the unit.”

“It is also necessary to find a context for displaying the find so that it can be presented as a historical fact, without promoting a criminal ideology.”

Last year, Wolf’s Lair attracted over 330,000 tourists.

The Wolf’s Lair was an important site for Hitler and his henchmen during WWII.

Not only was it the first significant military base for the Nazi on the Eastern Front, but it was also a high-level security hideout for their leader.

According to reports, Hitler spent about 850 days hidden away in this military base.

Wolf’s Lair is also a notable historical site due to a failed assassination plot that took place there in July 1944.

On July 20, 1944, a group of acting and retired Heer officers made an attempt to kill Hitler at the site.

The officers had planned to detonate a bomb hidden near Hitler during a meeting.

While four men died at the incident, Hitler miraculously survived.

Hitler then executed all the men involved in the assassination plot.