Here are the worst wedding gowns you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

Perfection is everything for every bride—she wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day. And choosing the perfect gown can help achieve that goal.

Whether you prefer yours simple or elegant, short or with a train, vintage or modern, the gown of your choice is out there waiting for you to make you look like a princess.

When you look back on your wedding, you want to remember it being the happiest day of your life.

But these wedding photos reveal not everybody’s special day turns out perfect.

The Bowl Wedding Dress

The dress might be ugly, but at least they have each other.

The Skin-Tone Wedding Dress

The bride looks like she went out in the middle of winter without any clothes on and got into a snowball fight.

We’re not sure if the fabric is skin-tone or see-through, but either way, it’s a total eyesore.

The I-Can’t-Wait-for-the-Honeymoon Attire

The groom couldn’t hide his excitement for this one.

The Perfect Vega Hitch

The Victoria’s Secret Wedding Gown

Well, you’ll definitely give everyone quite a show at the ceremony. Just think of the aisle as your own personal runway.

The Dress “Your Honor” Recommends

She looks like she’s begging someone to get her out of that thing.

Over-the-Top Wedding Gown

At least she managed to cover the…

The Overwhelming Cleavage

She’s a lovely bride. The dress isn’t quite so bad too, but the top isn’t holding her “girls” up very well. But from the looks of it, the groom doesn’t seem to mind.

The Diaper Wedding Dress

It looks like the bride has babies on her mind and hasn’t even walked down the aisle yet.

But we bet the dress will be a hit with wedding guests who need to change their babies’ diapers. They certainly don’t have to go very far to get one.

The Caterer’s Dream Dress

Poor bride! She looks like she’s getting ready to marry Willy Wonka at his chocolate factory.

The Napkin Wedding Dress

She looks like she’s the living embodiment of a napkin at a fancy restaurant or a genie smoking out of a lamp.

The Zestfully Revealing Wedding Dress

This dress is full of vim and vigor, but it seems to be missing lots of material.

The Face Wedding Dress

We’re not sure why the designer decided to stick a face in front of the wedding dress.

The Baby Bump Wedding Dress

No one will ever have to ask whether this bride was getting married out of obligation.