Dogs with disabilities generally have a very tough life. In animal shelters, they are given a pass by potential adopters who favor their healthy and vibrant counterparts. For many of them, life in shelters is the best they can hope for until they have lived out all their years.

So yes, things can get pretty hopeless when you are a disabled dog. And it’s not that life in animal shelters is completely horrid, but it is not exactly the stuff of dreams either.

But then there is Lunita. For this dog, fortune was on her side because a family decided to take her in despite her physical limitations. As a matter of fact, the family took very good care of the dog.

But things took a turn for the worse in an instant.

One day, she was found tied to a local shop on a street in Argentina. The owners had apparently had enough of her and could not care for a paralyzed dog any longer.

Their next action was to leave her on the street with her wheelchair. Lunita could not be their problem anymore. So, they dumped her on the street and let nature take its course.

Needless to say, this dog deserved better. Any dog does, especially when it is as helpless as Lunita was. Her abandonment was cruel and inhuman, and her disability was no justification for the treatment she received.

Luckily, the world is not short of people who can spare some concern and kindness for a helpless dog. A stranger saw the dog and decided to take her to the vet, where she got the assistance she needed. She got a new wheelchair as well.

The help had a visible impact on her, as Lunita seemed more lively. After that, all that was left was for the dog to find a new family where she would get all the love and attention she needs in her life.

And her rescuers wasted no time, they got right to it. As fate would have it, getting the dog a new family was not as hard as you would expect considering how people tend to avoid disabled dogs.

On the contrary, the dog’s story was moving, and the response was therefore quite good.

Many people could empathize, and were willing to give the dog the love she deserves so that she can live a happy life.

Lunita got a new family in the U.S. She found good people who appreciated her worth and were willing to make sure she had a happy life. With her new wheelchair, she could easily move around and enjoy her life without limits.

She lived a full life. But when she was 11, she was taken ill, and she passed on. But she left a legacy that still intrigues us today.

Her mother related how much she loved the dog and how she changed her life for good.

So, this is a story with a happy ending for a truly deserving dog that beat the odds to touch the hearts of many in such a beautiful way.