The wife of ex-cop charged with the murder of George Floyd has filed for divorce. And she isn’t asking for any spousal support.

In a statement from her lawyer, Derek Chauvin’s wife, Kellie, said Floyd’s death had ‘devastated’ her.

Kellie also expressed her condolences to the friends and family of Floyd.

Her husband, Derek Chauvin, is facing third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. This was after footage surfaced showing him kneeling on Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes and 30 seconds.

Despite the pleas coming from Floyd and bystanders, Chauvin didn’t stop.

 As a result, Floyd lost consciousness. He later died.

Kellie’s lawyer told ABC:

“I spoke with Kellie Chauvin and her family.”

“She is devastated by [Floyd’s] death. Her utmost sympathy lies with his family [and] loved ones.”

“She has [also] filed for dissolution of her marriage to Derek Chauvin.”

“Ms. Chauvin [had] no children from her current marriage.”

She respectfully requests her children, her elder parents, and extended family be given safety and privacy during this difficult time.”

As per Associated Press, Kellie is a Laotian refugee. She’s also a former Mrs. Minnesota pageant winner.

Her eight-page divorce petition, which the court made official on Monday, June 1, reveals few details of the union.

According to the petition, their relationship has had an irretrievable marriage breakdown within the definition of Minnesota statutes.

Kellie also told the court she plans to change her name. However, she didn’t reveal what name she intends to use.

But court papers state that she also goes by the name Kellie May Thao or Kellie May Xiong.

The petition read:

“She is seeking a name change solely because of this marriage dissolution. She is not seeking a name change to defraud and/or mislead creditors or anyone else, nor is she a felon.”

Kellie had worked as a Realtor.

According to court papers, she and her former husband own two homes in Oakdale, Minnesota, and Windermere, Florida.

Her divorce petition claims that their divorce took effect on Thursday, May 28, 2020.

The federal law enforcement agency took Chauvin to custody the following day. This was after protesters and local leaders demanded his arrest.

Kellie is ‘self-supporting’ and doesn’t need spousal maintenance.

The divorce papers also states Kellie renounced her rights to receive temporary or permanent spousal maintenance.

It’s unclear how long Derek and Kellie Chauvin were married.

There’s also no clear report on how the former police officer reacted to the news of the divorce.