Parking lot brawl between two women quickly escalates as they start ramming into each other with their SUVs. Then, one takes out a fire hydrant as she drove off.

Footage of a violent scene in LA turned into a game of bumper cars after the women rammed each other with their cars.

One of the women, Yaya Shabazz, claimed she was trying to escape the parking lot because she feared for her life.

In the shocking video, two women kick and hit Shabazz while she lays helplessly on the ground.

The casino worker then gets up and rams her white Toyota into a BMW, belonging to one of her attackers.

It’s not long before the other woman retaliates and rams with the white SUV as well.

The cars then collide several more times as they maneuver back and forth in the small parking lot.

As soon as they try to leave the parking space, they run back into each other, causing more damage to their cars.

Finally, the SUVs head back into the street. But the white SUV delivers one more crunching blow to the silver SUV.

woman goes on epic gta-style rampage after road rage argument with fellow driver

The white SUV then rips past the silver car, severely crushing the passenger door. And as the female driver tries to take off down the street, she knocks out a fire hydrant.

And the water spews all over the road and sidewalk as the two cars leave the scene.

Speaking to KTLA, Shabazz, the driver in the white SUV, explained the incident:

“We had a collision before we made it to the parking lot. They hit me from behind. And I thought we were going to pull over the exchange insurance information.”

woman goes on epic gta-style rampage after road rage argument with fellow driver

However, the women in the BMW were not interested in talking, with a brawl starting straight away.

Shabazz said:

“She pulled me out of the car, and they started beating me.”

Shabazz said she was alone and in a neighborhood that she wasn’t familiar with at the time. She also told the outlet that one of the women had a hammer.

She explained:

“I heard people yelling at me. I heard people saying they were going to shoot me and are going to hit me with a hammer.”

Hitting the fire hydrant was a mistake, she added.

The Los Angeles Police Department later investigated the incidence soon after the road rage video surfaced online.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power also responded to fix the water hydrant.