During flights, no matter where you sit or what ticket you’ve paid for, you’ll always feel a bit grim getting off.

This is because (according to some studies) by the time you get off a flight, the air inside the cabin has changed from air to mostly fart and other odors. The oxygen ratio to farts has tipped in favor of farts, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Buses, cars and most trains are slightly different. They do have windows that you can crack open. But commercial planes don’t usually have windows which open, and it’s for good reasons. So, we have no option but to breathe in farts and the stuffy air.

This Chinese woman, however, was having none of that.

As the video (that went viral on the internet) clearly shows, one traveler didn’t want to breathe in your farts thank you very much. The cabin was already too “stuffy,” and she craved fresh air.

So, without a second thought and no window to crack open, she reached out for the next best option, the emergency exit door. No farts for her!

The viral footage was filmed on Xiamen Airlines flight. Luckily for the passengers, the plane was still on the runways, so there was no mid-air emergency.

However, the woman’s reckless action caused the flight to be delayed for about an hour.

According to reports, the plane’s cabin crew had already warned the passengers not to touch the door or the lever for the emergency exit – not because they wanted to keep the heat in, but for general safety.

However, the female passenger, who appeared to be in her 50s, either ‘didn’t get the message or didn’t care for rules,’ and proceeded to open the emergency door because she felt the cabin was ‘too stuffy’ and she needed some ‘fresh air.’

A passenger onboard wrote online:

“It’s my first time seeing a passenger open the safety door. He told the attendants he just wanted some fresh air …”

Passengers and staff had to wait onboard the plane as airport police came and apprehended the woman for her action. An hour later, the flight was able to depart after the second round of safety checks.

Opening the emergency exit without any ‘crisis alarm’ on flights can be deemed to be disturbing public order in an aircraft. And it’s punishable by police detention and a fine.

This isn’t the first time in China where passengers were caught doing peculiar things on board a plane. In Tianjin Airlines flight, a female passenger was detained by police for throwing six coins at a plane’s engine for good luck before take-off.