It’s an open secret: movies can change people. Many claim that certain films changed their lives, and it’s totally believable.

For others, films can bring very strong emotions to the surface, which is exactly what happened to a woman who sat down to enjoy Avengers: Endgame.

This film was a tearjerker for a couple of reasons. For starters, the franchise was coming to an end, and that was going to hit devout fans pretty hard. Additionally, the film itself is pretty emotional, especially the ending.

But while shedding a tear or two during an emotional film with an emotional ending is completely normal, sobbing to the point of being rushed to the hospital is a different issue altogether.

It could have been all an act so that fellow film-goers understand just how important the film was to the woman.

It could also be a genuine reaction to a cinematic masterpiece that creates a make-believe world so immersive that it all seems real to the viewer.

But these are debate subjects for another day.

At the moment, what you need to know is that the 21-year-old Chinese woman had to spend the time after the film in hospital after she was so uncontrollable in her sobbing by the time the film ended.

So serious was her condition that she was showing signs of hyperventilation, and her limbs had gotten limb to the point where she could not stretch her fingers.

Once in the hospital, she was given oxygen and helped to relax, and her condition improved. Later in the day, she was discharged and allowed to go home.

When someone hyperventilates, they breathe in more air than the body needs, and this often happens during panic attacks.

But that’s not always the case. Hyperventilation can also happen in response to threats as the body prepares for fight or flight so that muscles get more oxygen.

The problem with too much oxygen in the body is that it can cause an imbalance of gases. When carbon dioxide levels go down, breathing can become a problem, and your heart rate can increase and numbness to the hands and feet can also come about.