A dog trainer from hell did one of the worst things that could ever happen to a loving dog-owner. Instead of treating the woman’s dog, Ollie, with dignity and respect, the woman ended up receiving news that her dog was dead.

That news was most unwelcome. That because she entrusted her pet to Hunter Nelson’s Four Legged Retrievers dog training program.

Hunter was supposed to train the dog for only 4 weeks. But he had the animal for 11 weeks, and then reported that it was dead.

Except for one thing, the dog was not actually dead.

She reported the incident to the police. But she did not stop there; she also put up her story on Facebook. This would get more attention on the case and hopefully help get back her dog.

The obedience program Ollie was getting was to start on August 13 and last for four weeks. But the training lasted for a whole 11 weeks.

Rachel was supposed to meet with Hunter frequently, but he was either late or asking for a later appointment.

Obviously, she could not wait to spend some time with the dog. So, after 10 weeks (6 weeks more than the program was supposed to last) she could not take it anymore.

She wanted her dog back.

However, on the day she was to pick it up, she got a text from Hunter saying the dog had been ‘bit by a snake.’ He claimed that he took it to the vet, where the vet administered Benadryl. Apparently, the snake was not the poisonous sort.

Still, although the dog’s life was not at risk (according to the pet), the swelling was getting worse.

As Rachel was planning to go collect her dog from the vet, another text came in.

Ollie was gone. He had succumbed from the ‘swelling.’

What’s worse was that Hunter buried the dog himself, without the woman’s permission.

Hunter did not even have time to explain the whole affair, or give the woman the vet’s number.

Even with the pain of thinking her dog was gone, she felt that something else was going on.

When she pushed a little more, he lied about three different vets having seen the dog.

He even said a ‘Dr. Hart’ saw the dog, but several calls in the area did not lead her to any vet by that name. The clinic he referred her to did not even have a record of a dog by that name or any dog that had suffered a snake bite in the entire month.

It was then that she discovered that several other pet owners had undergone the same dreadful experience. Some have had their dogs sold or abused, and others received the ‘bit by a snake’ line from the program owner.

In Ollie’s case, the dog died from a Cotton Mouth bite while in Hunter’s care, according to Hunter.

When Rachel went too far and made it clear she would go all the way with the story and make it public, he tried to pay her to keep it quiet.

But she had adopted Ollie to give him a home. Right now, she can’t even be sure he is alive.


No wonder Rachel is so determined to get her story out so that Hunter Nelson does not keep doing this.