United Airlines has just launched a Star Wars-themed Boeing 737-800 to celebrate the upcoming “The Rise of Skywalker” film, and you can book your flight right away.

Movie-themed jets are becoming quite popular in recent years for movie studios to promote their new films and airlines to join in on the same fandoms as their patrons.

Earlier this year, Alaska Airlines launched a unique, “Captain Marvel” themed plane, and similarly, China Eastern Airlines had unveiled a “Toy Story” plane back in 2018.

And now, Star Wars fans can live out their Jedi dreams in the sky onboard United’s new Star Wars-themed plane ahead of the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker film.

Luke Skywalker may have claimed the Millennium Falcon was a “piece of junk” when he first saw it, but he probably wouldn’t be saying that about the United Airlines’ shiny new Boeing 737-800.

To celebrate the next month’s theatrical release of “The Rise of Skywalker,” billed as the last film in the nine-film Skywalker saga, United Airlines has launched an exclusive “Star Wars”-themed plane.

Though this plane can’t travel at a speed of light, it does look pretty spiffy, or at least nothing at all like the heavily modified ship of a certain scruffy-looking nerf herder.

It has been styled with dueling Resistance and First Order livery, with flights set for the US, Canada, Central America, as well as the Caribbean. The plane made its first flight earlier this month, from Houston to Orlando, Florida.

Star Wars is one of the beloved films of all time.

It all started in 1977, with the first, eponymous movie, which quickly became a widespread phenomenon. Since then, there have been many iterations.

The third installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy and final movie in the Skywalker saga, The Rise of Skywalker, is heading to theaters next month.

And what more could Skywalker saga fans ask for than a Star Wars-themed plan that you can book to fly just like a Jedi?

The new livery on the United’s Boeing 737-800 features a black fuselage with blue and red lightsabers on the tail. It also has blue and orange details on the wings.

If you look closely at the body of the plane, the detail is utterly impressive and graphic intergalactic ships from the films are also featured.

The inside of the aircraft is also pretty cool.

The battle between good and evil also plays out inside the plane, where one side of the aisle has seat headrests bearing the symbol of the brave Resistance and the other the wicked First Order.

Passengers can also hear the film series’ iconic soundtrack when they board and receive a commemorative pin.

Fancy jetting off in this one-of-a-kind plane? You can try to book it by looking up its tail number, N36272.

The airline notes on its website

“For the first time, you can track past, and future flights on both desktop and mobile by entering the plane’s tail number–N36272–and the new aircraft will appear on FlightAware’s flight tracking maps as the X-Wing starship.”