Apparently, pet chickens wearing tutus is now the latest craze, and we’re not even complaining.

Has anyone else noticed pet chickens seem to be everywhere nowadays? I’m pretty sure chickens are equivalent to avocados for millennials. Chicken and avocado toast! Anyone?

Well, if you’re going to have to deal with walking chickens down the street in a chicken harness, they can look chic in these colorful tutus.

That’s right. You can now get a tutu to ensure your pet chicken always look pretty. It’s time you spoil your little foul!

And just like that pet chickens are becoming more stylish than I am.

These chicken tutus are selling on Amazon.

The product description reads:

“The small and exquisite tutu skirt with a pretty grosgrain ribbon and plenty of tulle gives the rooster skirt a fluffy fullness and decorate your chicken completes the princess look. Your chicken will not mind having such beauty and adorable dress on.”

“Put your chick in a tutu and brighten your precious chicken’s day to have fun and take photos to record the beautiful memories and good times with this cute chick skirt.”

Perhaps your chickens are going through a bit of a scene kid phase? You need to buy them tutus.

Though each costume costs around $11.98, it’s definitely worth it.

And the product is getting plenty of positive reviews from shoppers:

One customer said:

“My hen Lilly looks great in her new Tutu!”

Another buyer adds:

“Absolutely fabulous. #priscillachicken.”

Tutus fashion trend is becoming so popular these days. You can get a tutu in pretty much any style or color you want.

There are also various options out there, you could even have your very own chicken fashion show!

The various colors available include pink and blue. You can as well get a polka dot tutus.

Can’t decide on a color? You don’t need to fret as you can choose rainbow options, with glitters and without.

These chicken Tutus fads aren’t a new thing. So, no need to feel silly if you jump onto the bandwagon to get one.

By browsing through Instagram’s hashtag #chickentutu, you can see all sorts of cute pet chickens dressed in Tutus.

See, it’s very much a thing.

And all of these chicken tutus are made with black elastic and tulle netting. Currently, there are three sizes available—bantam, standard, or LF chicken.

No matter the size of your pet chicken, you can now dress them to impress for those adorable family fowl photoshoots.