A YouTube influencer is facing severe backlash after “re-homing” her adopted 4-year-old autistic son years after adopting him.

Myka Stauffer and her husband James shared a tearful video saying they’ve decided to ‘rehome’ their adopted 4-year-old son Huxley.

The reason? The couple had discovered ‘there were a lot more special needs’ than they initially realized.

Huxley’s Medical Conditions

Myka had previously revealed Huxley has autism and brain trauma. However, she but didn’t elaborate further on her decision to giving up their son due to medical privacy concerns.

She regularly shared updates on their adopted son’s progress, detailing the challenges they had.

Back in June 2019, she told Moms.com:

“And it started getting worse and worse. And for me, it made me want to fight for him more. That’s my personality. I’m a perfectionist.”

“I’m a fighter. I am an advocate. If you tell me no, I’ll say yes, and find a way to make it work.”

But Myka Now Feels Like a Failure

In a recent video, Myka and her husband said they’ve decided to ‘rehome’ their adopted son.

On the video, titled ‘An update on our family,’ Myka said:

“There’s not an ounce of our body that doesn’t love Huxley with all of our being. There wasn’t a minute that we didn’t try our hardest.”

The tearful mum added:

“Do I feel like a failure as a mum? 500 percent.”

She added that they had never publically shared ’99 percent of the struggles’ they had with the boy.

The couple also said Huxley had been in “intense” therapy. And they felt Huxley ultimately needed to be in another home for his emotional wellbeing.

The YouTube Influencer is Now Facing Backlash on Social Media for Her Decision

Myka has over 717,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her popular videos include REAL Newborn Morning Routine 2019 and What I Eat In A Day To Stay Healthy And Lean.

She also has a video on how to ‘SURVIVE Quarantine like a BOSS! THRIVE AND get your life BACK!’

Thousands of Myka’s followers have accused her of using Huxley to gain a huge following and earn more money on her channel.

Taking to Twitter, one person said:

“My heart aches for poor Huxley.”

“They dragged this poor little boy all the way from China, making him start all over again, then giving up on him.”

Another raged:

“She adopted a child for views and then got rid of him and treated him like a brand deal.”